Confirmed Teams

Fully registered:

Team Unrulee (from Tunbridge Wells, featuring Wembley Wonders)

The Awful Dodgers (from London - my old team... at its worst!)

The Jolly Dodgers - aka Mudge Packers (from Medway, featuring ex-Awful Dodger legends Tom & Kyla, their East Kent pals and Kyla's netball team-mates).

Dodge t'ball (London based northerners - claim they are under strength - I didn't think that was possible)

To Infinity (Tunbridge Wells company team - unknown quantities - hopefully rocking a Toy Story costume theme).

The Stroke Association All Stars (Tunbridge Wells based scratch team captained by yours truly - keen, sociable randoms)

Balls Deep (in enemy territory) - (from Tunbridge Wells. Company team for Yoyo design) Will they be successful in the territory of the Territorial Army?

Bubbling Under

Dodger and Badger, Beaver Fever, The Bedford.... and a few other teams from TW who need a bit of an arm around them :-)

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