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We're lucky enough to be able to have a few volunteers giving their time for free (even though some don't know it yet!) and the Dodgeballs, and permission to use their rules, has been kindly given to us by Dodgeball UK.

There's still a few things we need to make the event the sucess we believe it will be.

So if you'd like to sponsor any of the below. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
We will credit you in the event programme, blog and say thanks on social media :-)
If any pubs or bars help us out we'll try and make sure you are included on the TA Centre to Tunbridge Wells Railway Station Apres-dodgeball pub crawl after the event.

Contact me to discuss costs. I can safely say nothing on this list comes in at over £100.

Venue hire: This is already paid for. However, we'd like as much of the entry fees to go straight to the Stroke Association as possible. We'd be happy to credit the person sponsoring the venue hire as being the main tournament sponsor. Update: Sponsored by Sankey's. Many Thanks.

The Bar: There is a bar on-site, however we we have to pay extra for to open it and pay the staff. Dodgeballers love a drink during tournaments. Please make their little faces happy! At present, the bar will be closed if we can't find a sponsor as we don't want to take too much out of the entry fees.
Update: bar will be open regardless :-) £50 to sponsor

Kitchen: If any local catering companies would like to provide food on the day. Please contact me for details. There is a kitchen on site (its limited in terms of equipment, but provides a good prepartion base).

PA system: to save my voice. A PA system would be handy. Can anyone lend us a PA with a mic that we can play music on for the day? Update: Thank You to The Bedford for lending us the P.A.

Dodgeballers are normally happy to play for the glory. However, its always nice to reward people for their efforts. We're looking to offer prizes for the following:

  • Tournament winners: Trophy and medals
  • Player of the tournament (female)
  • Player of the tournament (male) 
  • Best fancy dress
  • Fair play award
  • Wooden Wrench (for the team that finishes last)
  • Last player standing
We're open to ideas. Alcohol and food usually goes down well amongst the dodgeball community :-)

Update: Thank You to The Gym and St. John's Yard for donating prizes. I will be doing the rounds next week.

Please feel free to contact me using the below details to go through the finer points.

Thank you very much for showing interest.

Steven Barrett
07971 295691

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