Is it a real sport?
YES!...... and no. We like to focus on the fun and social side of team games. However, there are rules, which means winners and losers. The winners make lots of new friends and the losers cheat and don't get their round in apres-dodgeball.

Who can play?

We happily allow anyone over the age of 18 to play (boring insurance reasons).
Currently there is no dodgeball scene in West Kent which means the majority of players at the tournament will be playing dodgeball for first time.  However, watch out for anyone with a North American accent, they've probably played before!

Do the balls hurt?

Noooo! Well put it this way, they are nowhere near as hard as the balls on the film and are nice and user-friendly. We use official Dodgeball UK balls which are designed to allow for good throwing but also to not injure players! You can get some good speed on them but they are quite light and don’t really hurt. There are two types of balls – the main ball is used by everyone and we also have two smaller balls which only the female players are allowed to throw. The idea of this is to make Dodgeball UK as inclusive as possible, and ensure that female players have a genuine influence on mixed games.
Head-shots are not allowed… If a guy accidentally hits a girl in the head he is sent off, if a girl hits a guy in the head we all laugh and carry on. Fair – no! Funny – yes.

Do I have to wear fancy dress?

It's up to you if you want to wear fancy dress, team kit, or just come in any old sports gear. We give prizes for best dressed team, and it does add to the atmosphere if people dress up in our tournaments and parties.

I've never played before. I'm worried we'll get walloped
No need to worry. Dodgeball is new to Tunbridge Wells which means there will be plenty of other teams equally unfamiliar with the game. We'll go through all of the rules at the start of the tournament and we're open to giving coaching tips.
There are a few 'experienced' teams from the London Dodgeball UK league coming down who will walking around looking like they no what they are doing. They don't. I've seen most of them play.
They are equally capable of wiping the floor with new comers or humiliating themselves in a clumsy mess of flailing arms. What we do know is that they like to socialise apres-dodgeball.
Equally, we're thinking about splitting the tournament into 2 groups to give the rookies an easier introduction into dodgeball, A chance to hone their skills and be ready to trounce the 'experts' in the semi-finals,

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