Thursday, 23 May 2013

Open letter to businesses interested in supporting Tunbridge Wells Dodgeball Tournament for the Stroke Association.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am delighted to announce that on Sunday 7th July 2013 I will be hosting a dodgeball tournament at the Tunbridge Wells T.A. Centre, St. Johns Road.

This is a unique event in Tunbridge Wells. The first time a Dodgeball UK tournament has come to West Kent.

I believe that this is a fantastic opportunity to try and fun and social a sport I am passionate about at the same time as raising funds for a terrific charity, The Stroke Association, whose work offers great support to stroke survivors and their families.

The venue has been booked and the equipment will be provided courtesy of Dodgeball UK.

With just over a month to go there's lots of work to be done to make the day the huge success I am confident it will be.

On the day I will be running the event ably assisted by friends who I have roped in to help. However, we do need outside help to achieve our goals.

If you'd like to help us please feel free to consider the following options.

Are there any potential dodgeball legends working in your business?

Team Entry:

The best way to get involved in the event is to play the game. Dodgeball is a fun, social mixed team game suitable for all abilities. A great team building activity. Entry for the tournament is open to everyone. Groups of friends, sports clubs and work colleagues.
This is reflected in the entry cost (minimum donation) of £70 per squad (7-9 players).
At around £10 per player for 3 hours of dodgeball this is tremendous value without even taking into consideration that all proceeds are going to help stroke survivors adapt to the new challenges they face.
If you don't believe you've got enough players for a team please feel free to refer interested individuals to us and we'll sort them into a group of like minded individuals.

To enter a team please visit our sign-up page (which will send you to Just Giving.
    How else can you help?
    In order to maximise our donation to the Stroke Association we need to keep costs down to a minimum at the same time as providing a quality event. Therefore we'd like to offer local businesses the opportunity to sponsor additional elements of the tournament. These could be:

    Tournament awards: 
    Unlike our beloved overpaid Premier League footballers. Dodgeballers will play solely for the glory.
    However, its always nice to receive a reward for your efforts and they don't even have to be elite athletes to pick up a prize.

    At the end of the event, some group of overly competitive fitness junkies will take home the inaugral DodgeRTW Trophy, after taking the event way too seriously. However, I like to think the prizes for Best Fancy Dress and the Fair Play Award and the Wooden Wrench are equally treasured.
    I'm open to ideas for suitable prizes and donations, the best prizes won't necessarily go to the event winners!

    Bar and refreshment sponsorship

    The good news is the the venue has a bar! The bad news is that it costs money to open and staff.
    At present the bar will be closed throughout the event as its an unnecessary luxury. We'd love to be able to open it to allow our guests the opportunity to take a refreshing drink to reward them for their support and exertions.

    I'd be delighted to credit those who help make the event a success or respect the privacy of any donors that prefer to remain anonymous. Please contact me separately should you wish to sponsor anything.

    Thank you for reading this far. If you have any questions or other ideas please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss.

    That just leaves the question:
    Is Tunbridge Wells to posh to dodge?

    Best Regards,

    Steven Barrett
    Event Organiser
    07971 295691

    Letter of authority from the Stroke Association. We're legit!

    Dodgeball action

    Super Fancy Dress, Average Dodgeball team.

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