Friday, 31 May 2013

Open letter to sports and social clubs

How many of the 5 D's of dodgeball do members of your club use everyday?

Who has a laser throwing arm?
Who has buckets for catching hands?
Who is the best biggest Diver at your club? Swimming (legally) Football (illegally)
Which club member is most likely to Duck out of a 50/50 challenge?
Who always Dips their hands into their pocket in the bar?
Who always Dodges their round?
....and who doesn't like to refuel after a sporting activity with a few Drinks?

I'd love to invite your team to Enter a team into our Charity Dodgeball Tournament in aid of the Stoke Association. A great opportunity to try a new sport, have a fun day and raise money for a tremendous cause.

Click here to see a video from Dodgeball UK to get an idea of the type of game we will be playing:

What you will need:
6 players (a minimum of 2 should be female)
A team kit (fancy dress encouraged)
A sense of fair play.
The desire to be dodgeball legends.

If you fancy some alternative pre-season training or simply an original idea for a club social, dodgeball is the perfect mix of semi-competitive fun and sporting underachievement.

Feel free to invite, club member, friends and blatant ringers.

Be part of Tunbridge Well's 1st Charity Dodgeball Tournament

Sunday 13th Juky
Tunbridge Wells, TA Centre, St. John's Road

Entry fees:
£10 per person suggested donation
or £70 for a squad of 7-9 players

Any questions: Please feel free to Contact me.

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